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Powerful Anime Eyes Of All Time (10 Strongest Eye Abilities)

Countless anime present powerful anime eyes abilities that are far beyond seeing. In this post, we are especially going to cover the most powerful anime eyes that will blow your mind for sure. Without further delay let's just start our list. The anime world is full of imagination and creativity as we all know, they always do everything in a unique that we can't ever think of. The human eyes are bound to see this materialistic world and its beauty of it. But in anime, they represent these anime eyes as the symbol of powers and sometimes the source of power itself. 10. Demon Eye (Soul Eater) The demon eye, once inherited by the witch queen Mabaa and later belongs to the Wolf Man also known as Free. This demon eye allows its inheritor to cast magic, it possesses its own magical abilities apart from queen mabaa. This demon eye works on energy once it's run out, it requires sufficient time to recharge again. The owner of the demon eye also cast a magi

21 Finest White Hair Anime Girl [Update 2022]

Best 21 Anime Girls With White Hair List. When I say "White Hair Anime Girl" how many characters pop up in your brain? I know plenty of them will pop up because it is quite common to see anime girls with white hair in the series.

It is also seen that most white-haired anime characters possess unique nature and great talent. I guess almost every anime has a white-haired anime girl.

Actually, I do know the significance of white color but does the creator really have the same perceptions while making the character's hair in white color, or it's just a game of color combinations?

It's quite hard to tell but now it's our time to dive into the ocean of White Haired Anime Girls and let's search for what makes these girls so special.

Best 21 White Hair Anime Girls

Here in this list, we are especially going to cover the gorgeous anime girls with white hair, white-hair anime girls with blue eyes, white-haired anime girls with yellow eyes, white-haired anime girls with purple eyes, and white-haired anime girls with red eyes. Without further delay, let's start our list.

21. Anna Nishikinomiya (Shimoneta)

white hair anime girl: Anna Nishikinomiya (Shimoneta)

Anna Nishikinomiya is 16 years old girl and one of the main protagonists of this anime series. She is extremely hot and beautiful in appearance. She has short white hair and green color eyes.

In the anime series most of the time we have seen her in School Uniform. She is the student council president and a very responsible girl. She is also good at fighting and making strategies.

Tanukichi Okuma (the main protagonist) has a crush on Anna but Anna is only sexually attracted to him.

20. Chaika Trabant (Hitsugi No Chaika)

white hair anime girl: chaika trabant

Chaika Trabant also known as Gez is just a 14 years old anime girl with white hair. She is represented as a sorceress in the anime. She is an elegant girl who hates violence and harming people.

As a wizard, she possesses great power and spells The Ripper, The Burner, The Sucker, The Locator, The Overwarming, The Heavy Wind, The Buster, The Annihilator, and The Meraviglios are one of the most powerful spells of Gez. She also carries equipment like Coffin and Gundo.

19. Isla (Plastic Memories)

white hair anime girl: Isla (Plastic Memories)

She is the white hair anime girl with red eyes on this list. Isla is a Giftia (an android with a humanoid body). Her look is very childish in anime series that is because her age is only 9 years old.

She is one of the top giftia of Terminal Service One. As we know Isla is an android with a humanoid body therefore she has no emotions.

But after meeting with Tsukasa Mizugaki, Isla observes that her feeling and emotions begin to develop within her heart.

18. Nao Tomori (Charlotte)

white hair anime girl: Nao Tomori (Charlotte)

Nao is one of the main characters from Charlotte and she is just a 15-year-old first-year student who studied at Hoshinoumi Academy and is also a student council president.

Her height is 154.5 cm. She has beautiful white long hair and sky-blue eyes. If I talk about her nature she is a very determined and hardworking person.

She is a very intelligent and brilliant student of Hoshimoumi Academy. Nao is s short-tempered girl. She is never afraid to take bold decisions. Her character is quite straightforward but still interesting.

When her young sister Ayumi died, YĆ« Otosaka did his best in order to feel Nao good and also help her to overcome the depression of Ayumi’s death.

17. Shirogane Kei (Kaguya Sama)

white hair anime girl: Shirogane Kei (Kaguya Sama)

Shirogane is the supporting character of "Kaguya Sama" and she is the younger sister of the main protagonist named Miyuki Shirogane.

In Shuchi’in Academy, she is a third-year middle school student. She is 14 years old young girl with white hair and light blue eyes. Her nature is very similar to his brother, she is a very helpful, hardworking, and kind-hearted girl.

Here we have already shared the details about the watch order of this anime series if you don’t want to waste your time then I would highly recommend you to read our “Kaguya Sama Watch Order” guide.

16. Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beasts)

white hair anime girl: Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beasts)

Kanade Tachibana is white skin and white-haired young beautiful girl. Her height is 150 cm, and SSS members often called her by the name of an angel.

She is also the student council president. She is a student of the Academy called AWA and she is the representative of class 4. In anime, she possesses supernatural power.

Her power starts working with the voice activation. She is also brilliant in close combat. Kanade is the girlfriend of Yuzuru Otonash (the main protagonist of angel beast).

Kanade shares the same birthday date with Yui (one of the characters from angel beast) on July 26th.

15. Laura Bodewig (Infinite Stratos)

Laura Bodewig (Infinite Stratos)

Laura was the antagonist who later become one of the main protagonists of IS: Infinite Stratos is a first-year student in the IS Academy (Class One).

She is an example of a genetically engineered product and a strong soldier. She is also the second rank lieutenant in the German Military.

At starting we observed that she is a tough and rude girl who just cares about herself. Later on, we realize that she is not as bad as we thought.

Guys, if you are planning to watch this anime then first read our guide on IS: Infinite Stratos. It will help you to save time.

14. Lisanna Strauss (Fairy Tail)

Lisanna Strauss (Fairy Tail)

Lisanna Strauss is the younger sister of Mirajane, she is an17 years old pretty girl with short hair. She is also the childhood friend of Natsu Dragneel (the main protagonist of Fairy Tale).

Lisanna is a very kind-hearted person since his childhood. She helped Natsu Dragneel to grow an unknown egg. She is more intelligent than Natsu. Like her sister, she is also having "Take Over Magic".

Apart from that, she can also transform into animal souls like rabbits, birds, Fish, Mermaid, Cat, Penguin, Pig, Harpy, Nine-Tailed Fox, and Snake. She possesses great power in Fairy Tail. Unfortunately, she is no longer alive in the Fairy Tale.

When her sibling Elfman used the "take over" magic and transform into a beast, he couldn't able to control that beast's power for a long time and thus become out of control.

After observing the situation Lisanna decided to help her brother but unfortunately, he hit her badly which took her life.

13. Suigintou (Rozen Maiden)

Suigintou (Rozen Maiden)

Suingintou is the first Rozen Maiden in this series, first appearing as an antagonist and then turning into one of the leading protagonists.

She is an anime girl with white hair and red eyes. Suigintou's behavior is rude and sometimes she seems arrogant. In this series, she often retains a sadistic aura.

Apart from that she is very powerful and has great fighting abilities. Megu Kakizaki is the master of Suigintou.

If you want to watch this anime then before starting first read our "Rozen Maiden Watch Order" guide, it will help you to save time.

12. Yuuna Yunohana (Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs)

Yuuna Yunohana (Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs)

Yuuna Yunohana is one of the main female protagonists of this anime series who is also the habitant of Yukemori City. She is also a member of the Tenko Family, her real name is Genryuusai Tenko.

Later in the anime, it is revealed that Youna is the ghost who is the clone of Mahoro Tenko (the real Youna). She is a kind-hearted and nice girl.

As a ghost, she possesses a Spiritual Power like Possession, Spiritual Clothing Transformation, Poltergeist, Visibility, etc. In the manga, she has also worn Spirit Armor.

11. Emilia (Re: Zero)

Emilia (Re: Zero)

Emilia is the main protagonist of the "Re: Zero" anime series. Her height is 164 cm and she is a teenage girl who is the candidate to be the king of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica.

The story of this anime series is based on her so it is not wrong to say at some point she is the most important character of this anime series.

She is a carrying and kind-hearted girl who loves to help others. She is also having great abilities like Spirit Affinity, Spirit User, Spirit Arts, Ice Brand Arts, Ice Flower, Cocytus, Absolute Zero, etc.

Before watching this anime series make sure to follow our "Re: Zero Watch Order" guide.

10. Eucliwood Hellscythe (Koreha Zombie Desuka)

Eucliwood Hellscythe (Koreha Zombie Desuka)

Eucliwood Hellscythe also known as Eu is one of the cutest white-haired anime girls on this list. She is one of the main protagonists of Koreha Zombie Desuka.

When Eu was in Underworld she has a best friend name Naegleria Nebiros, she was also part of the Seventh Abyss. She has the power of reincarnating any dead living as a Zombie.

When Ayumu was killed by a serial killer she was the one who reincarnate him as a Zombie. She has many special abilities and powers like Reality Warping, Resurrection, Death Inducement, Healing, Scythe Armor, and Gauntlets are just a few examples of her incredible power.

9. Koneko Toujou (High School DxD)

Koneko Toujou (High School DxD)

Koneko Toujou also known as Shirone Toujou is a first-year student at an academy named Kuoh Academy. She is also a member of the Occult Research Club.

She is the younger sister of Kuroka (an SS-Class Stray Devil and most wanted criminal). Koneko is a very pretty girl whose age is around 15 years old. In the starting, she is represented as a cold-hearted girl who has no feelings.

She has great fighting skills and possesses a higher power level. Some of her abilities are Demonic power, Superhuman strength, Superhuman Durability, Enhanced senses, Hand-to-hand combat, proficiency, Transformation, Senjutsu, Youjutsu, etc.

If you are planning to watch this anime then I will highly recommend you to read our guide on "High School DxD Watch Order" in order to save time.

8. Seitenshi (Black Bullet)

Seitenshi (Black Bullet)

Seitenshi is one of the most gorgeous and young white-haired anime characters of all time. She has light blue eyes. Seithenshi is the sovereign of the Tokyo Area.

After the war with Gastrea, Japan was divided into 4 different parts and these four parts are being ruled by different people in the same way Seithenshi is the ruler of the Tokyo area part.

In the anime series, she often looks very serious but she has a pure heart and loves to help poor people. She knows how to stay calm and act intelligently in any situation.

In the anime series, we have seen that Seithenshi has feelings for her bodyguard named Rentarou Satomi. She cares about Rentarou and Tina. In Japanese culture, the name Seithenshi means Holy Son of Heaven.

7. Elizabeth Liones (Seven Deadly Sins)

Elizabeth Liones (Seven Deadly Sins)

Elizabeth Liones is the perfect candidate for this list. She was the princess (adoptive princess) of the Kingdom of Liones. Later on, reincarnated as a Goddess Elizabeth.

She is the lover of Meliodas (the main protagonist of seven deadly sins). Her birthday is on June 12 and her height is 162 cm. When she was a princess her eye color was blue when she becomes a goddess her eye color changed to Orange.

She is very kind-hearted, peaceful, and helpful in nature like a princess has to be. She often prefers diplomatic approaches in wars which is quite appreciated.

If I talk about her skill and abilities, she had skills like archetypal magic technique, tranquilize, healing, empathic power, etc. She also has wings that often appear to us during the fight.

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6. Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)

Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)

Mirajane is a very beautiful anime girl with white hair and blue eyes. She is only 19 years old. Mirajane works as an S-Class Mage in the Fairy Tail Guild, she is very popular for her drawing cards.

She also worked as a model in Sorcerer Magazine. Mirajane is the older sister of Lisanna Strauss who is also a beautiful white-haired anime character from Fairy Tail.

She is a master of "Take Over" magic, a type of magic that can take over the appearance and abilities of any demon or creature that she knows. She can manipulate demons as well.

Mirajane has two siblings Elfman and Lisanna, she shares her magic with her both siblings, whenever it happens they are called "Take Over Siblings".

If you haven't watched this anime and are eager to watch it then I highly recommend you to read our guide on "Fairy Tail Watch Order".

5. Origami Tobiichi (Date A Live)

Origami Tobiichi (Date A Live)

Origami Tobiichi is white hair anime girl with blue eyes. She is one of the main characters in the Date A Live anime series. Her date of birth is 11 November. She is very popular for her grades and she is an athlete.

In anime, her height is 152 cm. Apart from that, she looks very young and whenever she wears her Combat Wiring Suit she looks bold and beautiful. Origami is not only the top rank holder in her school but she is also a member of AST.

As a wizard, Origami is very skilled but due to her emotions, she becomes weak while fighting with spirits. She is physically attracted to Shido Itsuki (the main protagonist of Date A Live).

If you are planning to watch "Date A Live" then I highly recommend you to read our guide "Date A Live Watch Order".

4. Alisa Ilinichina Amiella (God Eater)

Alisa Ilinichina Amiella (God Eater)

Alisa is one of the main protagonists of the "God Eater" anime series. She was transferred by the Fenrir Russian branch, they call it a new and unique type of God Eater. Alisa has a lot of ego and pride. She has a very disturbing past.

Her parents were killed by Aragami. At starting point, you are misunderstood by her selfish, unstable mind and believe she is psycho but sooner you realize how protective and cooperative she really is for her loved ones.

In the anime series, she is only 15 years old young and a beautiful anime girl with white hair and blue eyes. Her outfit in the anime series is very fascinating and hot. Her character development is well crafted in the anime series.

3. Rossweisse (High School DxD)

Rossweisse (High School DxD)

Rossweisse is one of the main protagonists of this anime. She also worked as a bodyguard for Odin and now she is a teacher at an academy named Kuoh Academy. She is the most beautiful white-haired anime girl with aqua-colored eyes.

Her height is 173 cm and her weight is 59 kg. While fighting she wears Valkyrie armor which suits her body. She is a very serious girl, often remains silent, and loves studying.

When it comes to fighting, she has appreciable power and skills like Demonic Power, Immense Magic Power, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Durability, Master Magician, etc. Apart from that, she is also having war equipment named Mistilteinn Wand.

2. Leonmitchelli (Dog Days)

Leonmitchelli (Dog Days)

Leonmitchelli is also known as Leo. She is 16 years old young princess with beautiful white hair. Galette Lion Territory is ruled by Leo, she also helps the Biscotti Republic in sports events.

At first, Leo is represented as a cold-hearted girl who takes part in the war with Biscotti's people.

When it comes to fighting she has great power and abilities like Leonmitchelli's emblem (Leve 1), Leonmitchelli's emblem (Level 3), and Lion King Explosion are just a few examples of her ability. It is not wrong to say that she is the sexiest female character in Dog Days.

1. Siesta (The Detective Is Already Dead)

No.1 White Haired Anime Girls Siesta (The Detective Is Already Dead)

Siesta is the perfect anime girl for this list and definitely deserves No. 1. She is the main protagonist of "The Detective Is Already Dead". In the anime series, she is represented as a great detective. Her height is 163 Kg and her weight is 46 Kg.

Actually, in the anime series, her existence is still a mystery. We don't know whether she is human or android, dead or alive and we even don't know if "Siesta" is her real name or not.

As a detective, she owns great power and a weapon called a musket gun. Apart from that, she is also having Seven Tools each with different special powers.

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Not only the female but there are many male characters with white hair. Tokyo ghoul (ken kaneki), jujutsu kaisen (Satoru gojo), and Death Note (Near).

Here I am going to end our list of white-haired anime characters. This list contains 21 anime characters with white hair and blue eyes. If you think that we have missed your favorite anime girl then let us know by commenting below.

I will definitely add your suggestion as soon as it is possible. If you are having any doubt about the ranking of these characters then let me clarify that this list contains all of my favorite characters. It is not an official list. It is just a fan-made list.

Source: MyAnimeList


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