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Powerful Anime Eyes Of All Time (10 Strongest Eye Abilities)

Countless anime present powerful anime eyes abilities that are far beyond seeing. In this post, we are especially going to cover the most powerful anime eyes that will blow your mind for sure. Without further delay let's just start our list. The anime world is full of imagination and creativity as we all know, they always do everything in a unique that we can't ever think of. The human eyes are bound to see this materialistic world and its beauty of it. But in anime, they represent these anime eyes as the symbol of powers and sometimes the source of power itself. 10. Demon Eye (Soul Eater) The demon eye, once inherited by the witch queen Mabaa and later belongs to the Wolf Man also known as Free. This demon eye allows its inheritor to cast magic, it possesses its own magical abilities apart from queen mabaa. This demon eye works on energy once it's run out, it requires sufficient time to recharge again. The owner of the demon eye also cast a magi

Fruits Basket 2001 vs Fruits Basket 2019 (2023 Update)

Fruits Basket 2001 vs 2019:- Which one do you love most Fruits Basket 2001 or Fruits Basket 2019? I know it is a tough question for you because many people love Fruits Basket 2001. No doubt it is a clear-cut masterpiece. But why did the creator need to make a reboot of Fruits Basket after such a long time?

The answer is simple, they wanted to make this whole anime more focused on its manga, which did not happen in its original Fruits Basket 2001 because of the lack of source materials. The 2019 reboot version is much better than its original series only because of its way of following the point-to-point story of the manga.

Here, in this article, I am going to share some details about how Fruits Basket Reboot is different than its original series.

Story and Plot

A major change that was made in the Fruits Basket 2019 anime series adaptation is Story. However, they did not change the plot even a bit. They added every scene which already available in Manga, even the dialogue and way of presenting things are also adapted from their respective manga.

The original version was less focused on its Manga adaptation, the creator included some scenes and dialogues that were completely different from Manga.

Fruits Basket Reboot is something that fans were waiting for. Because the original fruits basket only had 1 season which was unfortunately not enough.

If we look at the manga, we see that this story could have been taken even further, apart from this many new characters were never even given a chance to appear in the original anime.

This may also be the reason behind making Fruits Basket Reboot in 2019. This Reboot version has a total of 3 seasons which is quite enough for us to understand the whole plot.

Scenes and Animation

Even if we compare Fruit Basket 2001 vs 2019, it is clear that they have lesser similarities. However, the plot has not changed. The original Fruits Basket anime was simply great, using light colors and simple designs in its animation.

After watching the fruits basket reboot 2019 we can say that TMS Entertainment did a fabulous job. The Reboot version has better animation than the original there's no doubt because in 2019 Morden Animation studios developed so much and they know how to make an anime more realistic, more connectable more simple but attractive.

After watching the Reboot you will get to know that the modern animation studio made this anime a perfect shoujo anime.

Humor and Trauma

The original series is more loyal to humor than its reboot version. The comedy scenes sound too serious in Reboot something it feels like they forcefully added some comedy scenes. This is a drawback of Fruits Basket Reboot 2019.

Not every scene is lowbrow humor or too serious only a few scenes have this problem.

Reboot 2019 has focused more on its manga story, especially the tragedy faced by the characters is very well portrayed in this anime. While watching Reboot 2019, we can relate to these characters.

Back Story of Uotani and Hanajima

Uotani and Hana are supporting characters of Fruits Basket. They both have dark and disturbing pasts. They suffered a lot. Uotani, Hanajima, and Tohru three are best friends.

In the original series, we came to know that Uotani was influenced by Kyoko, and she inspired her to live a better life. Although, this series did not clarify how she helped and what problems Uotani faced in her past.

Fruits Basket Reboot answered all these questions by releasing episodes 16 and 17. Both these episodes depicted Utani's back story and struggle.

The same goes with Hanajima, she claimed that Tohru's mother changed her life but the question remains the same how did she do this and what problem faced by Hanajima.

We got the answers in Episode 22 of Fruits Basket Reboot 2019. This episode revealed the backstory of Hanajima.


Why did Fruits Basket get a remake?

I don't know the exact reason but what I realize is Original series did not get a chance to introduce many Zodiac signs. The new remake series only follow manga material.

Is Fruits Basket 2019 the same as the original?

No, Fruits Basket's original series did not focus on its Manga. Fruits Basket Reboot 2019 is the true adaptation of Manga. Its main source material is Manga.

Fruits Basket is one of my favorite Shoujo anime. This anime teaches us about life, relationship, and friendship. You can learn a lot of things from this anime. Hope you like this post "Fruits Basket 2001 vs Fruits Basket 2019".

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