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Powerful Anime Eyes Of All Time (10 Strongest Eye Abilities)

Countless anime present powerful anime eyes abilities that are far beyond seeing. In this post, we are especially going to cover the most powerful anime eyes that will blow your mind for sure. Without further delay let's just start our list. The anime world is full of imagination and creativity as we all know, they always do everything in a unique that we can't ever think of. The human eyes are bound to see this materialistic world and its beauty of it. But in anime, they represent these anime eyes as the symbol of powers and sometimes the source of power itself. 10. Demon Eye (Soul Eater) The demon eye, once inherited by the witch queen Mabaa and later belongs to the Wolf Man also known as Free. This demon eye allows its inheritor to cast magic, it possesses its own magical abilities apart from queen mabaa. This demon eye works on energy once it's run out, it requires sufficient time to recharge again. The owner of the demon eye also cast a magi

7 Best Romantic Anime Like Horimiya [Update 2023]

Horimiya is an anime series that mainly focuses on romance. This anime follows the story of Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura who both are classmates. Hori is a talented and beautiful girl. She is popular among the students. On the other hand, Izumi's nature is the opposite of Hori's. He prefers to live alone.

But both of these characters live a double life. Hori's parents are always busy with their work so she has to look after her brother and home, therefore, she returns straight to her home once school was over.

She is not good at expressing feelings hence sometimes because of her nature she has to suffer alone. Students think that Izumi is an anti-social guy who prefers to live alone. But the reality is something else, he hides his tattoos and piercings.

He is the kind of cool guy who hides his true nature. Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura accidentally revealed each other’s secrets and later end up being close friends of each other.

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Similar Anime To Horimiya

Now we are going to share the list of the top 7 anime like Horimiya, all these anime are somewhat similar to each other. If you love watching "Horimiya" then trust me you will love watching other anime as well.

7. My Dress-Up Darling

Anime Like Horimiya

My Dress-Up Darling also tells us the story of a male protagonist who is isolated from the world, but later finds a girl who is confident and beautiful.

Now the personality of the main protagonist changes day by day. This anime is similar to Horimiya but it shows a more ecchi side than any anime on this list.

Wakana Gojou is a high school student who spends his day making Hina doll art. His main goal is to become an expert in making dolls similar to his grandfather.

Gojou hides his hobby from others because he thought it’s an embarrassing if will someone knew about his hobby. Later Marin Kitagawa a pretty girl comes into the life of Gojou.

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6. My Senpai is Annoying

My Senpai is Annoying

My Senpai Is Annoying also focuses on relationships, not only with the main characters but with side characters that make this anime similar to Horimiya. Both anime gives us a strong comedy element that will make us laugh.

Like other anime, this anime also describes real-life problems. Unlike Horimiya this anime sets in an office, that is the only major difference you can see in this anime.

“My Senpai Is Annoying” follows the story of Futaba Igarashi who hate his senpai because of his big body and loud voice. His senpai is caring and kind also.

Later Futaba ends up being fallen in love with his senpai. How a short girl “Futaba” manages to confess his love to his senpai is a real thing that we will have to see in this anime.

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5. Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki

The protagonist of this anime Tomozaki-Kun is the best player in the online game “Tackfam” who is socially inactive. He has lack skills and is barely involved in any conversation with classmates.

Later he meets a girl named Aoi Hinami who is totally the opposite of the Tomozaki-Kun. Once they get in touch with each other, Tomozaki-Kun starts to change day after day.

This anime is also set in high school like other anime on this list. This anime contains drama and romance that will give you a lesson about life and also teaches us that it is necessary to become socially active and enjoy every moment that we spend with our friends and loved once.

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4. A Day Before Us

A Day Before Us

A Day Before Us is a Korean Anime with 10 episodes each of 2 min. Despite being a short web episode it still hit the heart of many because of the way of conveying the story. This anime follows the story of 4 young adults who has feeling for each other.

This was the first K-anime that I watched. Because of their unique animation and character appearance, these anime become more recommended to watch.

I hardly remember any anime that narrates a romantic story in a beautiful way in such a short time of 20 min as "A Day Before Us" did.

3. Say "I love you"

Say I love you

The main character from both shows has a similar lifestyle, socially inactive and alone. Similar to Horimiya, this anime also shows the cute and lovable relationship between two high school students. Say “I Love You” is slow pace romantic and slice-of-life anime that doesn’t have any ecchi or harem vibe.

If you are looking for an anime that gives you a heartwarming anime story with life lessons and lots of kissing scenes then trust me Say "I Love You" is just for you.

This anime is a must for those who already finished "Toradora!" and "Horimiya". Like other anime, this one also shows the real-life problems that we often face on daily bases.

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2. Toradora!


Toradora and Horimiya both are romance-comedy anime series. Protganists luckily get a chance to spend time with each other and end up being fallen in love.

The storyline of both anime is not similar but still when you watch it will give you the same vibe. Many people consider Horimiya to be the 2021's version of Toradora.

Both anime share similar main and as well as side characters. Horimiya focuses not only on the main characters but on side characters also.

On the other hand Toradora! only focuses on the 2 main characters' relationship and love story. Anime story set in high school.

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1. Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Anime Like Horimiya, Wotakoi Love is Hard for Otaku

If you love a simple nice light romance story that contains less drama then you should watch "Wotakoi". Wotakoi focuses on office romance on the other hand Horimiya focuses on school romance, this is the only major difference between these two anime.

Both anime are having strong female protagonists hiding their secret life from people. The partners help each other to get rid of problems, and support in hard times.

This anime gives a very realistic view of love and relationship. The most common thing in both shows the dating part of the relationship, not the chasing part.

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Is Horimiya the best romance anime?

Horimiya is one of the most realistic rom-com anime series of all time. It revolves around two characters who are completely opposite to each other. That makes this anime enjoyable and lovable. I personally like this anime, because it serves us better content without fanservice and a harem vibe.

Will there be a season 2 of Horimiya anime?

We don’t have any solid proof that there will be season 2 but it is not canceled officially either. This means, there is a very low chance that it will return sooner or later. The first season has 13 episodes and the last episode premiered on April 4, 2021.

Here we are going to end our list on "Anime Like Horimiya". If you have more recommendations regarding this list then comment down below, I will definitely look after your recommendation.

Source: HoriMiya Recommendations


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