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Powerful Anime Eyes Of All Time (10 Strongest Eye Abilities)

Countless anime present powerful anime eyes abilities that are far beyond seeing. In this post, we are especially going to cover the most powerful anime eyes that will blow your mind for sure. Without further delay let's just start our list. The anime world is full of imagination and creativity as we all know, they always do everything in a unique that we can't ever think of. The human eyes are bound to see this materialistic world and its beauty of it. But in anime, they represent these anime eyes as the symbol of powers and sometimes the source of power itself. 10. Demon Eye (Soul Eater) The demon eye, once inherited by the witch queen Mabaa and later belongs to the Wolf Man also known as Free. This demon eye allows its inheritor to cast magic, it possesses its own magical abilities apart from queen mabaa. This demon eye works on energy once it's run out, it requires sufficient time to recharge again. The owner of the demon eye also cast a magi

11 Hottest Female My Hero Academia Characters

We have countless female characters in my hero academia, and finding the 11 hot MHA characters is not an easy task to complete. Especially when every character is drawn so well that we can't neglect the beauty and style of an individual.

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime, the combat fight scenes and the concept of quirks are quite popular among all of us. Not one the male character, but female characters are also not far beyond the style and beauty.

In this post, we are going to rank the top 11 sexiest and hottest female "My Hero Academia" characters. This list is focusing on beauty, style, dressing sense, body exposure, and most important how attractive they look to an audience as key factors for this list. And we are going to count how often they give fanservice moments.

11 Hot MHA Characters

So without further delay, let's start our list of "Hottest Female My Hero Academia Characters". Let's find out who are the sexiest girls from my hero academia. This list also lists all female pro heroes MHA.

11. Kaina Tsutsumi (Lady Nagant)

Lady Nagant

She once was the pro-hero but her goal was to become the reason for the fall of the Pro-Hero society. Her real name was Kaina Tsutsumi. She killed the chairman of the Hero Public Safety Commission, and as a result, she was imprisoned in Tartarus. It is the same place where All For One was imprisoned also.

All For One freed her from that prison and asked her to go after the successor of All Might i.e., Izuku Midoriya. She was one of the main antagonists of Tartarus Escapees Arc. But she lost the battle with Izuku Midoriya.

She can transform her arm into a sniper rifle and transform her hair into a bullet. Her primary is more suitable for her to call her an assassin. She has one more quirk "Air Walk" which was given by All For One to her.

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10. Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura was the seventh person who inherited “One For All”, she was also the mentor of All Might. She was also a close friend of Gran Torino. Apart from OFA, she also possesses the quirk "Float". By using this quirk she could easily float in the air. She was the only female hero who inherited One For All.

She was a tough woman with a cute look on her face, she always used to smile. Her pretty look and attractive body brought her to this list. She had great combat skills. She had Immense Agility, Durability, Speed, Stamina, Strength, and Transferal.

9. Emi Fukukado (Mr. Joke)

Emi Fukukado

Emi Fukukado is a professional hero who is also known as Mr. Joke. She is also the homeroom teacher of second-year class 2 students at Ketsubutsu Academy High School. She was first introduced at the Provisional Hero License Exam. She loves to flirt with Shota Aizawa and tries to make him laugh somehow.

Her main quirk is “Outburst”, she cracks a joke to laugh at her enemy. Once they laugh, their brain becomes unconscious, and ended up losing against Mr. Joke. She is very good at combat skills. Besides fighting skills, she is having an attractive muscular body and an attractive look.

8. Rumi Usagiyama (Mirko)

Rumi Usagiyama (Mirko)

Rumi Usagiyama is a professional hero who is also known as Mirko. She occupies the 5th number among the top pro heroes. Her appearance is quite similar to Rabbit because her quirk is Rabbit, she often loves eating carrots. She is extremely good at combat fighting.

As a pro, she possesses powers like Superhuman Strength, durability, speed, reflexes, stamina, agility, hearing, leg strength, smell, martial arts, etc. If we talk about her beauty then she is non less than anyone on this list.

7. Itsuka Kendo (Battle Fist)

Itsuka Kendo (Battle Fist)

Itsuka Kendo is the representative of Class B-1 who is pursuing to become the pro hero in U.A. High School. She is often known as the “Big Sister” of Class B-1. Her quirk name is “Big Fist”, which allows her to enlarge her both hands.

She also acquire enhanced strength. She was first introduced at U.A Sports Festival. Her quirk reminds me of Miss Marvel because they both have similar power. She acquires 5th place in U.A. Entrance Exam. Separated from that, she is very beautiful and cute. She looks attractive that is the reason she acquires 7th place on this list.

6. Mei Hatsume

Mei Hatsume

Hei Hatsume is one of the supporting characters from My Hero Academia. Hei is from the Class 1-H department of support. She has a quirk named Zoom, this quirk allows her to see far distances to 5 kilometers. She doesn’t jump into the battle, she rather supports. She is an expert inventor who calls her gadgets by the name of Baby.

No doubt she is very smart and intelligent. She also has a good manipulation ability that we have already seen in U.A. Sports Festivals when she somehow manages to manipulate Tenya into wearing her baby (gadget). She is a very business-minded woman.

Apart from being talented and intelligent, she is also very gorgeous. Her look can attract any man. She has a curvy body with an attractive figure, there is no doubt that she placed in 6th position in the hot MHA characters list.

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5. Mina Ashido (Pinky)

Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido is one of the supporting protagonists of this anime series whose is also known as Pinky. Currently, she is a student of Class 1-A at U.A High School to become a pro hero. She is kind of a friendly, cheerful, and kind person. She is a skilled dancer she is the one who taught dancing to most of the Class 1-A students.

She was first introduced in Quirk Apprehension Test. She inherited a great quirk “Acid”, she can generate acid from her body. She also has good combat skills. No doubt that she is talented, but she is also cute and one of the most attractive characters from my hero academia.

4. Camie Utsushimi (Maboromicamie)

Camie Utsushimi

Camie is the supporting character from My Hero Academia. She is a second-year student who wants to become a pro hero studying at Shiketsu High School. She is a young girl with a curvy figure. When she wears her costume tight bodysuit, it amplifies her beauty and attractiveness.

She has a quirk “Glamour” that allows her to release smoke-like gas from her mouth, it creates illusions and visuals that sometimes mimic other persons. This quirk can cover a vast area but only for a short period of time. She first appeared at Provisional Hero License Course.

3. Yu Takeyama (Mt. Lady)

Yu Takeyama (Mt. Lady)

Yu Takeyama is the 23rd pro hero and one of the members of The Lurkers and Hideout Raid Team. She is also known as “Mt Lady”. Yu Takeyama is a curvy-figured young woman who has white hair. She is always wearing her hero costume that skintight bodysuit with multicolor.

She has a quirk “Gigantification”, that allows her to increase her body height to 2,062cm tall. This quirk reminds me of Giant Man from Marvel. Her goal is to defeat Paranormal Liberation Front and track down “All For One”.

Due to her attractive look, she can also seduce any man. During the U.A Sports Festival, she convinces a shopkeeper of free food.

2. Nemuri Kayama (Midnight)

Nemuri Kayama (Midnight)

Nemuri Kayama also known as Midnight is one of the pro heroes and teachers at U.A High School. She is an attractive woman with a curvy and attractive figure. Like other heroes, she also wears a tight bodysuit costume. She is a woman with flirty nature and a good sense of humor.

She inherited a quirk name "Somnambulist", which allows her to release pink color smoke from her body, which instantly put her opponents to sleep. According to Pro Hero Present Mic, her quirk is more powerful on men in comparison to women. Midnight was first introduced at U.S.J. Incident.

1. Momo Yaoyorozu (Creati)

Momo Yaoyorozu (Creati)

Momo Yaoyorozu is the vice president of Class 1-A. She is one of them who get entry at  U.A. High School through recommendation. Momo is extremely intelligent, she always comes up with a plan and she thinks before acting. She is a good pianist. She has great combat skills.

Momo inherited a unique quirk name “Creation”, which allows her to create any object or non-living thing but one condition is that she has to know about the molecular structure of that object.

She can create non-living things from her body. She wears an erotic costume that is enough for viewers to fall in love with her body. Besides, she exposed her body many times while creating objects.

So, guys, these are our top 11 hot mha characters. I know there are many other characters that deserve the ranking in this post but this ranking is based on factors like fanservice and attractive costume so I guess that is all we have for now. If you have any recommendations for this list then comment down below.

Source: MAL


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