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Tiger And Bunny watch order Guide 2022

What is the chronological order to watch Tiger And Bunny? How you can watch Tiger And Bunny in order? Hey guys, welcome to our blog in this post, we are especially going to cover the watch order of Tiger And Bunny. We will also be going to answer some questions that arise regarding this anime so stay with us till the end in order to truly understand the Bunny And Tiger Watch Order. Tiger And Bunny is a Japanese anime series. The main genre of this anime series is a ction, comedy, and mystery . This anime is animated by VIZ Media and produced by Bandai Visual, Mainichi Broadcasting System, and Tohokushinsha Film Corporation. How many seasons are there of Tiger and Bunny? Tiger And Bunny anime has only 1 season, 2 movies, and a special episode. More details about the episodes and watch order are given below make sure to check out. Tiger & Bunny watch order Guide Tiger & Bunny Season 1 Episode: 25 Aired: Apr 3, 2011, to Sep 18, 2011 Buy

Kanojo Mo Kanojo (Girlfriend, Girlfriend) Season 2 2022

Girlfriend, Girlfriend (kanojo mo kanojo) Season 2 has not been officially announced yet, so there is no official release date for the 2nd season of kanojo mo kanojo. The question rises will there be Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2? if yes then what is the release date of season 2?

This post is all about Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2. I am here to answer all your questions about the second season of this anime. So without any further delay let's start.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Anime

The anime series Girlfriend, Girlfriend is known as Kanojo Mo Kanojo in Japanese. It is based on a Manga of the same name which was first published on 17 June 2020. Kanojo Mo Kanojo manga series is written and illustrated by Hiroyuki.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend is a romantic-comedy series based on school and uncountable ecchi scenes (Not more than its manga). Girlfriend, Girlfriend anime follows the story of a teenage high school boy Naoya, who is doing two-timing with his girlfriend Saki-Chan and Nagesia Minase.

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Later saki chan and Minase both accepted Naoya as their boyfriend and then lived together in Naoya's house. As the story continues two more girls come into play. Now it is fun to watch with whom Naoya decides to spend the rest of his life.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend only has one season with 12 episodes directed by Satoshi Kuwabara and animated by Tezuka Productions Studio. There is no confirmation news of season 2 on behalf of the Studio or Director.

The first episode of Girlfriend, Girlfriend premiered Worldwide on July 3, 2021. Season 1 has 12 episodes. Big thanks to Muse Asia who provides us with this wonderful anime on YouTube.

All the 12 episodes are available on Muse Asia's official youtube channel where you can visit and watch all the episodes for free.

Will There Be Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2?

Girlfriend, Girlfriend anime series deserves season 2. I recently read the Kanojo mo kanojo manga series, the thing that I need to mention in this post is Manga has a good amount of material for season 2. Girlfriend, Girlfriend manga has 7 Volumes which will get you to see a total of 63 chapters. There are more than 8 (Chapter 64 to 71) chapters that are not yet in volume.

How many episodes will girlfriend, girlfriend have?

Season 1 has 12 episodes and these 12 episodes are covered manga volumes 1 to 4 (chapters 1 to 36). There may be good chances that the rest of the chapters will cover in season 2. This manga content is enough to prove that this anime will definitely get its sequel.

Apart from that, the popularity of Kanojo Mo Kanojo is reaching out to the sky. You should know that recently its Manga crossed 1 Million copies in circulation including digital copies. Worldwide people are madly searching for terms like "Kanojo mo Kanojo" and "Girlfriend, Girlfriend". Here is the proof.

kanojo mo kanojo and girlfriend girlfriend, google trends data
kanojo mo kanojo and girlfriend, girlfriend google trends data

The data from Google Trends shows that the popularity of Girlfriend, Girlfriend is increasing day by day. All these data are enough to prove that people really want Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date

There is no official release date for Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 because the 2nd season is not confirmed or announced yet. And Season 1 is now finished. Now we are eagerly waiting for the official confirmation.

I am quite sure that at the end of this year, the studio will definitely give us a surprise for Season 2. Why I am so sure? there are 3 reasons let me tell you one by one.

Popularity:- As I have shown above the comparison graph of Kanojo mo kanojo and Girlfriend, Girlfriend. This graph is enough to prove that this anime is liked by a huge community. More than a million people have already purchased its Manga.

Manga Material:- Kanojo Mo Kanojo Manga has more than half of its story which is not covered in Season 1. Likely like other anime series, We can assume that this anime series is ready to serve its second season.

Tezuka Productions Sequels:- Girlfriend, Girlfriend animated by Tezuka Production Studio, It is one of the most reputed animated studios. They are always stepping forward when it comes to releasing a sequel "5-toubun no Hanayome" and "Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu Ω" are good examples.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Characters, Cast & Staff

Characters & Cast

Characters Voice Actor
Hoshizaki, Rika(Main)Taketatsu, Ayana
Kiryuu, Shino(Main)Takahashi, Rie
Minase, Nagisa(Main)Waki, Azumi
Mukai, Naoya(Main)Enoki, Junya
Saki, Saki(Main)Sakura, Ayane
Hoshizaki, Risa(Supporting)Not appeared in anime yet


1.Kuwahara, Satoshi(Director)
2.Oochi, Keiichirou(Script Series Composition)
3.Motoyama, Satoshi(Sound Director)
4.Morita, Mayumi(Script)

Where To Watch Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 1 and 2?

The complete season 1 of this anime is freely available on Muse Asia's YouTube channel. Everyone can visit and enjoy all episodes of this anime in Eng Sub.

I would highly recommend you go and check out the Muse Asia channel. It is one of the free and legit ways to watch anime. Most likely, whenever Season 2 will release we can find it on Muse Asia.

My Words

This article will be updated from time to time if we get any new information. If you haven't yet started watching this anime then what are you waiting for? Just go and watch this comedy-ecchi anime.


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