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Tiger And Bunny watch order Guide 2022

What is the chronological order to watch Tiger And Bunny? How you can watch Tiger And Bunny in order? Hey guys, welcome to our blog in this post, we are especially going to cover the watch order of Tiger And Bunny. We will also be going to answer some questions that arise regarding this anime so stay with us till the end in order to truly understand the Bunny And Tiger Watch Order. Tiger And Bunny is a Japanese anime series. The main genre of this anime series is a ction, comedy, and mystery . This anime is animated by VIZ Media and produced by Bandai Visual, Mainichi Broadcasting System, and Tohokushinsha Film Corporation. How many seasons are there of Tiger and Bunny? Tiger And Bunny anime has only 1 season, 2 movies, and a special episode. More details about the episodes and watch order are given below make sure to check out. Tiger & Bunny watch order Guide Tiger & Bunny Season 1 Episode: 25 Aired: Apr 3, 2011, to Sep 18, 2011 Buy

Battle Game In 5 Seconds Season 2 Release Date 2022

To this date, Battle Game In 5 Seconds (Deatte 5-byou de Battle) Season 2 has not been officially announced yet, so there is no release date for the sequel of this anime, but the question arises, will there be a Battle Game In 5 Seconds Season 2 or not?

In this post, we are going to discuss various reasons and sources that give us hints about Battle Game In 5 Seconds (Deatte 5-byou de Battle) Season 2 release date.

The anime Battle Game In 5 Seconds, also known as Deatte 5-byou de Battle in the Japanese language. It is adapted from a web manga of the same name that was first published on February 26, 2016.

The Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting manga series is illustrated by Kashiwa Miyako & written by Saizo Harawata.

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Battle Game In 5 Seconds Plot

Battle Game In 5 Seconds is a Game and Super Power-based series with action and supernatural elements. This anime series follows the story of a high school boy named Shiroyanagi, Akira.

Akira is the main protagonist of this anime series whose aim is to survive in the game by using his strategies and power.

One morning, Akira is suddenly attacked by a mysterious man. Akira manages to defeat him using his brain. After defeating him, a mysterious girl named "Mion" appears in front of him. Mion kills Akira. From here the real story begins.

When Akira's eyes open, he finds himself in a hospital. After that, some people take him to a place where Akira is seen by many humans.

Here all those people come to know that they have to eliminate each other by participating in the game to save their lives. Players are also given the ability to play and survive in the game. All players have their own distinct and unique abilities. Which they also have to find.

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Will There Be Battle Game In 5 Seconds Season 2?

Deatte 5-byou de Battle season 2 release date
Deatte 5-byou de Battle season 2 release date

The anime tv series Battle Game In 5 Seconds has only 1 season directed by Nobuyoshi Arai and animated by SynergySP & Vega Entertainment.

There is no official confirmation whether the director or studio would be thinking of a "Battle Game In 5 Seconds sequel". The first season is still ongoing so we have to wait till it is finished.

Let's talk about Battle Game In 5 Seconds Manga because it is the main source of Anime content. Deatte 5-byou de Battle Manga has a total of 17 volumes with 155 chapters. Recently I have read its manga till chapter 155.

There's one more thing I want you to know anime episode 9 covers manga chapters 50 to 55. Studio already announced this anime series is only going to get 12 episodes.

It means anime season 1 will cover chapters 1 to 70. The remaining chapters might get season 2. As we all know the manga is still ongoing which definitely proves that season 2 is not much far away.

Battle Game In 5 Seconds Season 2 Release Date

Production house did not officially announce its sequel but I can assure you that Battle Game In 5 Seconds Season 2 will be coming in the summer of 2022.

This anime really deserves next season and moreover, there are lots of things that should be covered in anime from the manga. 12 episodes are not enough for us.

The popularity of this anime is rapidly increasing each day. From all over the world people are searching for terms like "Battle Game In 5 Seconds" and "Deatte 5-byou de Battle".

The production is generating good revenue from this anime series. All these things are enough to force the production house to work on the next season.

battle game in 5 seconds search data
battle game in 5 seconds search data

Battle Game In 5 Seconds Characters & Staff


CharactersVoice Artists
Shiroyanagi, Akira(Main)Murase, Ayumu
Amakage, Yuuri(Main)Terakawa, Aimi
MionShintani, Mayumi
Tatara, RingoShimabukuro, Miyuri
Kumagiri, ShinNakamura, Yuuichi
Kirisaki, MadokaNakai, Kazuya
YangKitou, Akari
Kuroiwa, MasayaN/A


1Arai, Nobuyoshi(Director)
2Naitou, Mea(Director)
3Kitou, Akari(Theme song performance)
4Machida, Touko(Series Composition)

How can I watch the battle game in 5 seconds?

This anime is already available on the Muse Asia YouTube channel. The first episode premiere on July 13, 2021, and the last episode premiere on Sept 27. You can watch all of its episodes on this YouTube channel.

If you have a Crunchyroll subscription then you can watch this anime on Crunchyroll as well. These two are legal ways to watch all these episodes online.

My Last Words

There will be no surprise if production announces the second season in 2022. This article will be updated from time to time if we get any new information about its sequel.

If you haven't yet started watching this anime then what are you waiting for? Just go and watch this supernatural game-based anime.


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